West Yorkshire Radiopharmacy Suite

Scope of Works

    • Lead lined fully vinyl wall, doors, floor and ceiling.
    • Air handling unit complete with insulated supply and extract ductwork.
    • Cabinet extract system.
    • Building Management Control System
    • Steam Heating Pipework to AHU Coils from hospital supply.
    • Chilled Water Cooling to AHU Coils from hospital supply.
    • Interlocking Pass Through Hatches.
    • Air-lock complete with interlocking access-controlled doors.
    • Step-over barriers, fixed and mobile furniture.
    • Lead lined storage furniture.
    • Electrical Installation from hospital supplies.
    • Lighting and emergency lighting installation.
    • Extension of the existing addressable smoke and fire detection system.
    • Data Installation to local patch panel.

Atlas Environments were appointed as the main contractor and principal designer for the refurbishment of the existing area to provide a fully validated EU GMP Radiopharmacy aseptic manufacturing clean room suite comprising Isolator rooms, inner support area, outer support area.